This photo was taken in September 1994, at Meredith's home in Santa Monica, CA.  Meredith was gracious enough to allow my husband and myself  to see her beautiful home and then we had lunch at the "In" spot of Beverly Hills, "The Ivy"!  

Letter from the President

Hi!  Welcome!  My name is Lynda Fuller, and I'm the President of the Official Meredith Baxter Fan Club.  This site is for our members, and anyone else who is interested in checking on the "latest" information on Meredith's projects!  I will try to keep these pages updated, as often as possible.   If you are not a member, and would like information on how to become a member, contact me at the Email address below.  I'll respond to you as soon as possible. 

Meredith's club was officially started in the 1980's when she appeared on "Family Ties".  I helped out with the club in 1992, and officially took it over in January, 1993.  The club has been running successfully ever since with very devoted members who are great fans of Meredith's.   When one becomes a member, they receive a personalized autographed 8 X 10 picture of Meredith, along with her biography.  I send out a "bulletin" which is actually a booklet twice a year, in March, and September.  Each bulletin contains photos, articles from her latest TV Movies, and the latest update on her activities, and current projects.  We also have a question and answer section where members send in a question, and Meredith answers all of the questions given to her.  She is open, honest, and quite frank with her answers!

The membership is $12.00 per year for those in the United States, and $15.00 (U.S. Dollars) for those outside of the United States.  We encourage club participation with comments, and love hearing from our members!   If you are interested in joining, please contact me.  We would like to have you join!

Meredith has a new line of personal skin care products coming out sometime this year, possibly around Thanksgiving, 2003.  Her new website should be listed soon.  Right now, it is still under construction.

I'll continue to keep you informed on her projects.  -  If you are interested in joining Meredith's club,  please contact me  with your name & address, and I will send you an application for the fan club! 


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