Hope you watched "Cold Case" on CBS on April 9th, 2006.  Meredith played Kathryn Morris' Mom.  She was wonderful!!  The great news is that she'll have a recurring role in the series!!

In Cleveland, Meredith shot a new episode of A BETTER LIFE, the cable series she started last year.  They got a pick up for 6 and this will be the first of that group.

Meredith will be in Richmond, VA doing the Southern Women's trade shows, and presenting her products and doing some informational shows.

She was in Portland doing an infomercial for SUGAR SOLUTION..."A 100% natural program that's scientifically proven to help you lose weight, prevent disease and have more energy than ever before.  The key is learning how to take control of your blood sugar".

On Sunday, April 30th, Meredith and Robert Urich were in the CBS Movie, (that CBS never aired) "A LONG WAY HOME" on the Lifetime Network at 5:00 P.M. Eastern, and 4:00 P.M. Central. This is the movie where Robert Urich played a pedophile and it was originally scheduled about the same time as Robert Urich's death, but out of respect for him, CBS never aired the movie! - It will air again on May 22nd on the Lifetime Network.

The first part of May, Meredith was at a Detroit, MI. Woman's Show displaying her products, and signing autographs.  She spent a long weekend there, and then came home to Santa Monica.

On May 12th, she did a one time only production of LOVE LETTERS with Jeffrey Tambor of Arrested Development.  This is to benefit the Clare Foundation.  (Clarefoundation.org - check it out).  Meredith is on the Board of Directors and has organized this.  She loves the play, and loves Jeffrey and she loves Clare.

Happy Birthday to Meredith!!  June 21st!!  The fan club sent her birthday cards, and a beautiful arrangement of flowers!!   She said the flowers were Gorgeous!!

Meredith went to Lake Como, Italy, in July for 3 weeks with her art school to immerse herself in watercolor!  She enjoys that so much!  It was time for her to relax for a little while!!

For those interested in the series "Family", I was just informed that the series has now come out on DVD.  Check Amazon.com for information.  The series "Bridget Loves Bernie" was going to come out, but Sony pulled it at the last minute, but it may be out in the near future, so keep an eye out for it.


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